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Kimberley Stephens

Author: Kimberley Stephens
Marketing Coordinator, LanguageWire

LanguageWire receives numerous diverse orders from us. Regardless of how and when we order our translations, we are always assured of getting a high quality product back from LanguageWire – not just in terms of the actual translated text, but also regarding delivery, security and service.

Join thousands of satisfied users who successfully overcome language barriers every day


Use high quality MT to empower
your employees and teams, offering inclusive and accessible
training experiences across
languages and cultures.

Corporate communications

Facilitate corporate communications across borders ensuring effective
information exchange and alignment of strategic initiatives.

Social media engagment

Maximize social media impact with instant, secure and fluent MT, fostering meaningful connections with diverse audiences.

Tech support

Resolve technical issues swiftly, providing dynamic multilingual support to customers and employees worldwide.


Foster seamless collaboration among multilingual teams, ensuring clarity and alignment for strategic initiatives while driving productivity and innovation.

Customer service

Deliver exceptional customer support globally, resolving inquiries promptly and enhancing customer satisfaction.