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LanguageWire Smart Editor Release Note

Kimberley Stephens

Author: Jesper Lehrmann
Product Director, LanguageWire



Term consistency check

  • The QA panel now includes a check for term consistency.

SDL package cancellation

  • You can now choose to cancel the package download and continue to work in Smart Editor instead of with the downloaded package.
  • Once you click Cancel, you will not be able to upload your package. If you decide to work offline after clicking Cancel, you will have to download a new package.
  • The editor becomes read-only once a package is downloaded and remains in read-only mode until you click Cancel, or upload the completed package.

New filters: auto approved and new content

We have two new filters:

  1. Auto approved: These segments were automatically approved because they were 100% or 101% matches.
  2. New content: These segments were not automatically approved.

These filters are static (as opposed to our current filters), so even though you work your way through the document this list does not change. Great if you want to make sure you have fixed the segments that really needed attention.


Segment navigation fixes:

  • When changing the URL – to another segment or another access link – sometimes Smart Editor would not reload correctly. This is fixed now.

Tag insertion fixes:

  • When inserting # and all tags were already in the document the F9/F10 shortcut keys would insert a bunch of # characters. This is fixed now.

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