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Are manual processes holding you back in your translation projects? Manual processing can slow your time to market and lose you that competitive advantage in new global markets. 

Our new guide looks at how automation can save you time, effort and money. Download your free copy now.

What is translation automation?

Translation automation reduces the manual processes within the translation workflow. Translation workflows can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially if you are operating over a range of tools, departments or even countries.

What are the benefits of translation automation?

Introducing translation automation has many benefits for your translation workflow. Not only does it speed up your workflow, reducing time to market, it also keeps the translation process cost-efficient and reduces human error that are often caused during manual processing.

How do you automate translations?

Adding automations to your translation workflows doesn’t have to be a complicated process. A simple way is adding integration to your existing tech tools (CMS, PIM or DAM) to work with a language service provider. Download our automation guide to learn more about what other solutions can help streamline your processes.

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