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Is your company "innovative" or "inventive"? Should product names be localised to adapt to the new market or should they always remain in their original version? Everything involved with communication affects your brand, so it's important to strengthen the quality of your communication. In all your languages. And you can do just that with LanguageWire TermBase.

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LanguageWire TermBase is a web-based terminology database, which contains all your company- and industry-specific words and terms in the source language and the language you are translating into. It's basically a kind of dictionary, which consists of your term pairs. It helps you to ensure consistency in your language flow throughout your company and optimise  communication in all your language versions.

Dynamic and in constant development

Both you and your employees can add new words and terms to your termbase anytime you like. This means it is constantly developing, growing and being refined. As the TermBase grows, it becomes increasingly easier for everyone to use the correct words and formulations in technical documents, marketing material, online communication and so on.

Direct access 24/7

You have automatic access to the termbase via your LanguageWire Agito account. What's more, it can easily be integrated into your intranet.

TermBase features

  • Search words and terms 
  • Add new words and terms 
  • Accept or reject new words and terms 
  • Much more

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