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How to save time and money when translating in Episerver

Digitalisation, globalisation and the rapid growth of content are all trends that require advanced solutions that optimise how content is translated. Old methods of emails, copy-paste, multiple file types and dispersed content creation tools are not scalable and won’t keep up with the massive demand for professional human translation.

Our strategy to alleviate the pressure is a first-class translation tool that integrates LanguageWire with your digital platform. We make it possible for you to order translations directly from your CMS or PIM and save massive amounts of time and resources.

With this in mind, we have great news for Episerver users, you can now take advantage of the Episerver LanguageWire Connector.

It saves time

A core benefit of the LanguageWire Episerver Connector is how it dramatically simplifies translation; achieving this by automating previously manual work. A connector gets rid of the need to keep track of multiple files, tracking edits via email and the dreaded time spent copying and pasting.

For example, translating a new website of 100 pages into five languages would save a massive 10,000 minutes. This corresponds to over a month's work, or 167 hours. That’s enough time for 41 rounds of golf, to view 79 games of football, taking 7 flights from the UK to New Zealand or learning a new language to a basic level!

Easy to use & robust

The Episerver Connector not only saves time spent on translation, but it is very easy to implement. It’s built into your release packages and will easily fit your regular deployment workflow. We then configure the connector to your business needs, setting up workflows and user permissions to maximise the value of the connector. With minimal training time, content authors will be able to order translations directly from the Episerver, reducing time-to-publish and helping you scale globally across all markets.

We’ve also made sure that our connectors are technically very robust. This emphasis on stability and error management means communication doesn’t get lost if there is a network interruption of some kind.

Here’s a run-down of some major benefits to be gained by translation integration and automation:

  • Optimise your time-to-market
  • Simplify translation workflows
  • Avoid copy-paste errors
  • Free up resources and reduce costs
  • Centralise translation and keep an overview
  • HTTPS encrypted data transfer

LanguageWire Episerver Integration