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What to expect from consumers after Covid-19 (Infographic)

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Author: Cindy Puryear
Partner Marketing Manager

A man preparing a package, checking the order on a laptop

How COVID-19 Is Changing Consumer Behavior

The way people shop has changed. Significantly, swiftly, and in ways that were once practically impossible to anticipate.

After years of steady momentum — a new online sales channel here, another payment method there — the global pandemic has accelerated many e-commerce trends at an extraordinarily rapid rate. Retailers have adopted new brick-to-click strategies, consumers have discovered new channels and many in-store purchases have been replaced by online and other contactless options.

Now, the question is: How long will that momentum last?

Based on recent research, there are some strong indicators that many of the most significant e-commerce trends and changes of 2020 are here to stay.

ChannelAdvisor polled over 1,000 US shoppers to learn how buying habits have shifted since the start of the global pandemic, and the results are highly informative for brands and retailers. Overall, the survey revealed that buying in general hasn’t declined significantly. Instead, many purchases shifted to online channels throughout 2020.

As new priorities and preferences continue to take hold, it’s becoming increasingly important for retailers to continually revisit how, where and when they engage with consumers. Check out the infographic to see where consumers are spending their shopping time, how they're making purchases and what brands and retailers can expect in the coming months and years.

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