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If you could order and receive translations directly in your Sitecore platform, where you're already working with your content, how would it affect your efficiency, bottom line and success rate?

We know the answer: quite a lot.
Which is why we've made this solution for you.

Sounds pretty smart, doesn't it?

A LanguageWire Sitecore Connector gives you a direct and automatic link between your Sitecore platform and our translation platform. Once the link has been established, you simply send your texts to be translated directly from Sitecore. When they’re ready, you receive them back in your CMS automatically, where you can approve and publish the translations immediately.

This means you'll be working exclusively in your own CMS from start to finish and be free of extra exporting, importing and time-consuming copy-paste work.


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1) Why an integration solution should be your top priority.

2) How to execute more initiatives, publish more content, create with more momentum and produce measurable results on your digital platform.

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Save time

With a LanguageWire Connector you'll eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your translation process. This automated and cost effective solution makes it possible for you to publish more content in more languages and markets.
A LanguageWire Connector turbo-charges your content creation engine so you can translate, localise and publish content faster on your digital platform.

Speed up

Get an overview

A LanguageWire Connector provides a professional and centralised method for managing your digital language versioning - maintaining complete transparency at all times.

How much time you'll save with a LanguageWire Connector

  1. Number of web pages you need translated

  2. Number of target languages

  3. Average number of hours saved


An innovative tool built on a strong foundation

The LanguageWire Sitecore Connector is built on a strong foundation. We have years of experience in the development of technical translation solutions, a deep understanding of customer needs and a wealth of expertise as consultants for some of the world's top companies.

The LanguageWire Sitecore Connector is packed with the best features and offers you a complete tool for efficiently handling content in multiple languages. 

Our solution gives you a wealth of possibilities:

  • Easily send elements or pages for translation from both the Content Editor and Page/Experience Editor
  • Add one element at a time or work with larger batches. The connector works like a shopping basket, just add the content you'd like to have translated. When your basket is ready, your order is processed in just a couple of clicks.
  • Complete overview of current and past projects.
  • Configuration of set-up and settings.

If you're curious to see how it works, we'll come to you and give you a demonstration.

Robust and open architecture

Anders Bondorf
Anders Bondorf Technology Director, Software architecture & internal systems, LanguageWire
Working in close cooperation with Sitecore, LanguageWire has developed the next generation of translation connector. Our solution supports Sitecore version 7.2 through to 8.1.
1 One
Source content
From the very moment you place any content in the connector's shopping basket, the connector will send the content for pre-validation on the LanguageWire server. And at a later stage, when you set up a translation project from your basket, it means the connector guarantees that all content has already been validated. This ensures that LanguageWire's translators never receive any content that they can't open or read.
2 Two
Translate content
Our translators work with dedicated tools that ensure your element and field structures are maintained, meaning that LanguageWire can guarantee the connector will automatically be able to import the content once the translators have finished your assignments.
3 Three
Robust architecture
Based on our experience with API solutions, we placed great emphasis on stability and error management during the development of this solution. We use a robust architecture based on asynchronous communication and a queuing system to ensure that translations and communication between your Sitecore installation and LanguageWire don't get lost, i.e. in the case of interrupted or unstable network connections.
4 Four
Open architecture
The connector is installed as a plug-in to Sitecore and the connector communicates with the LanguageWire server via our newly developed REST-API. All requests are passed from the connector to the LanguageWire server, so we have no special requirements for configuring the firewall on the Sitecore server. The REST-API is open, so other connectors and integrations can be developed.
5 Five
LanguageWire's server REST-API authenticates requests from the connector from a customer-specific key value, which must be manually stored in Sitecore during the installation of the connector. This key cannot be (mis)used for logging into LanguageWire's AGITO platform. Communication between the connector and the LanguageWire server is always encrypted (https).

It works!

International companies are already working with our solution.

They've chosen a LanguageWire Connector as they need an innovative and secure solution to help them achieve success with their ambitious digital strategies.

We'd like to help you too.

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