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The Best Marketing Integrations to Help You
Build a Multilingual Website

Marketing Integrations - Jigsaw pieces fitting together

Verity Hartley at LanguageWire Verity Hartley , Marketing Specialist, LanguageWire ||  Reading Time: 3 minutes

A globally connected world needs multilingual websites that meet the needs of its visitors. However, building and managing a website on your own can be a big challenge.

That's why we have investigated several marketing integrations that you can connect to your website to help make the process easier.

Read on to find out which marketing integrations we recommend for you to build a powerful, global website that encourages your multilingual visitors to keep coming back.

LanguageWire Connectors

To build a multilingual website, you will need to localize your content for your target audiences. The best way to do this is to use professional translators with local experience who can change your wording into something meaningful in the target language.

LanguageWire has a range of integrations that can connect your website to as many linguistic experts as you need to make your content shine.

We can connect our language management platform directly to your CMS, DAM, PIM or other custom tools to allow seamless content translations at the click of a button.

If you're building multilingual websites, this is a marketing integration you shouldn't overlook if you want to save time and money and beat your competition to the global market.

SupWiz Chatbot Support

Chatbots allow you to reach out to customers using your site at any time of the day or night. They provide helpful insight and a point of contact for customers who may have questions that need answering while they browse. They can ensure a customer gets their answer before they choose to navigate away to a competitor's website.

SupWiz offers multilingual chatbot solutions that can integrate with your website and offer your visitors help in their own language. By integrating a chatbot onto your site, you are providing a 24/7 support service in their language.

LanguageWire further supports SupWiz by providing the machine translation required by the chatbot and training the bots to get better at responding to frequently asked questions.


Providing a good all-around user experience is vital for performing well in the search engine results pages, as well as convincing your website visitors to return regularly to your site.

It can be difficult to see how an external user may experience your own website when you work closely with it every day. Hotjar helps you by providing a behavioural analysis that looks at how your website is used and highlights any issues your visitors might be experiencing.

You can integrate various widgets to provide you with usable data, such as heatmaps, session recordings and even real-time user surveys.

User experience on multilingual sites is just as important, and behavioural data could highlight how some areas of your website may not be as accessible to all language users as you originally thought. You can use this data to improve translations and localised content which may not be being interpreted correctly.

Google Analytics

The more data you can gather on your website users, the better you can tailor your content toward them. This is vitally important when your customers are coming to you from all around the globe.

Google Analytics is an essential marketing integration for any website as it opens you up to a wealth of useful user data. This data can tell you which countries your visitors are from, what languages they are using to navigate your site and what devices they may be using to view your web pages.

All of this data can be fed into your localization process to make sure that you are providing content and accessibility options in all the languages required. It may also highlight a need to build a new localized website in a certain geographical domain to directly serve a segment of the market you may have been missing.

The data you can glean from Google Analytics is priceless, and it is, without a doubt, an essential marketing integration for any website owner.

Marketing Integrations for Your Multilingual Website

A great multilingual website needs excellent well-localised content and excellent customer support that is backed up by deep-diving analytics into the user experience. These are the marketing integrations that we would recommend installing to build a successful global website for your business.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how LanguageWire can help you localise your website for multilingual markets, please fill in the form below, and someone will reach out shortly.

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