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99 website phrases translated from English to Chinese

So, you have decided to translate your website from English to Chinese? That’s great, because you can increase your audience significantly by using other languages (see our post about digital communication).

We know that these 99 phrases will not meet all your site’s needs, but they’ll give you a great start and an easy way to see how your website will look in Chinese.

If you’re looking for more support, we also integrate website CMS including Sitecore and Episerver via our translation integration API. You’ll be able to publish your content in several languages without endless copy-pasting and additional html editing.

English Chinese
Click here 单击此处
Phone 电话
Submit 提交
Close 关闭
Terms and conditions 条款和条件
Calls may be recorded 电话可能会被记录
Management 管理
Employees 员工
Board of Directors 董事会
Sales 销售
Finance 财务
Operations 运营
Comments 评论
Office locations 办公地点
Request a quote 请求报价
Apply for a job here 申请工作
Our certification 我们的资质
Copyright 版权
Special offers 特别优惠
Promotion 促销
Promotional offers 促销活动
About us 关于我们
Products and services 产品和服务
Case studies 案例分析
Further information 更多信息
Privacy statement 隐私权声明
Disclaimer 免责声明
Home 首页
Back 返回
To top of page 到页面顶部
Cancel 取消
Select 选择
Use address 使用地址
Select address 选择地址
Billing name 账单接收人姓名
Billing address 账单地址
Card number 卡号
Expiry date 有效期
From date 开始日期
Security number 安全号码
Accessories 附件
Basket 购物篮
Checkout 退出
Sign in 登录
Register 注册
Help 帮助
Delivery address 送货地址
Store locator 店铺定位器
Request a… 请求…
Follow us 关注我们
Request a call 请求电话联系
Select country 选择国家/地区
News 新闻
Events 活动
Cookie policy Cookie 政策
Press releases 新闻稿
Careers 工作机会
Financial reports 财务报表
Log in 登录
Support 支持
Privacy policy 隐私权政策
Site map 网站地图
Join 参与
Track order 跟踪订单
Search 搜索
Shipping and returns policy 发货和退货政策
Customer service 客户服务
Subscribe to newsletter 订阅新闻简报
Unsubscribe 取消订阅
FAQs 常见问题
Go 转到
Learn more 了解更多
Username 用户名
E-mail 电子邮件
Password 密码
Contact 联系人
First name 名字
Last name 姓氏
Full name 全名
Next 下一步
Partners 合作伙伴
Stores 商店
Press 新闻
Site disclaimer 网站免责声明
Reviews 点评
Log in to my account 登录我的帐户
Locations 位置
Secure payment 安全支付
New arrivals 新到商品
All rights reserved 保留所有权利
Sign up 注册
Gift cards 礼品卡
Order status 订单状态
Payment 付款
Security policy 安全策略
References 参考
Create account 创建帐户
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