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API Integration

Use the LanguageWire API client libraries to streamline translation in your .NET, Java or PHP based platform. These robust tools include extensive documentation for optimal integration.

Increase productivity

Eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your multilingual content creation process.

Reach more customers

Access a network of over 5000 language experts who specialise in more than 175 languages.

Improve transparency

Centralise translation and keep an overview of projects all from within your digital platform.

Eliminate language barriers

When you begin looking to expand your brand to new markets, the challenges of localising your content become clear. Your time-to-market increases, the complexity of publishing and maintaining content is multiplied, and your resources become strained. Many underestimate these difficulties, but the benefits of eliminating language barriers and reaching a global audience outweigh the costs.

Streamline your translation process

Streamlining your translation process has become vital in a time of skyrocketing content demands. That’s why we offer integration solutions to simplify the production of high-quality multilingual content. When your digital platform is connected to the LanguageWire via a Connector, you gain instant access to a global network of language experts who speak the language of your target audience.

For cases where we don’t support your platform with a dedicated connector, LanguageWire offers an alternative integration solution. Utilise our API to translate your digital content via LanguageWire. All of our dedicated connectors benefit from the same API, which is a stable solution which is used by major brands the word over.

Client libraries

We know that API integration isn’t always a walk in the park. However, integration with the LanguageWire API is not your usual API headache. To make things easier for you, we have developed three client libraries, .NET, Java and PHP, on top of the REST API.

Our client libraries handle some of the complex parts of the integration. They reduce the time it takes to build a robust integration between LanguageWire and your system. Here’s a run-down of some key reasons why it makes sense to integrate with LanguageWire:

  1. The client library handles the low-level details of the REST API, meaning you don’t need to implement the protocol yourself.
  2. All classes are protected with pre-conditions, and you can’t instantiate or use them incorrectly.
  3. We have made all network operations asynchronous so you don’t have to continuously check for completed translations. The library instead notifies your application when translation is complete.
  4. The library scales efficiently for multiple pending translations without affecting performance. Note that the nature of PHP makes this part a bit different in the PHP client library.
  5. The client library comes with thorough documentation. All code examples work, so with just a licence key and some copy-paste, you can easily do a full test.
  6. The API provides an automatic “demo”-translation mode, so you can safely build and test your integration to LanguageWire without involving any cost to human translators.
  7. All API calls go from your integration to the LanguageWire REST API via the client library. There are no calls from LanguageWire to your application, simplifying installation and configuration, and eliminating many potential issues.


LanguageWire provides the API and client libraries. To finalise the integration, your business (or a technical partner) develops your connector’s user interface and its data handling.

The amount of time needed to develop your connector varies depending on your needs. Some platforms are easy and flexible, while others are more difficult to extend with new features. The time needed also depends on how much UI you want to develop within your connector. Some LanguageWire customers have spent as little as 100 hours developing an integration that automates the full translation workflow.


When you choose to integrate your platform with LanguageWire, we start a process of close collaboration. Besides extensive documentation, we offer expert consultancy. You’ll have access to the API integration product owner and the developers behind it.

A typical integration process looks like this:

  1. Alignment of expectations, where we present our software and services, and you show us the platform which will be integrated with LanguageWire.
  2. We provide documentation for your review.
  3. Proof of concept (PoC) development, where you use code examples to make “demo” translations and test within your platform.
  4. PoC presentation to LanguageWire, where LanguageWire’s developers can see the solution and ask questions.
  5. Second round of development to prepare the integration for the production environment.
  6. Production ready integration presented to LanguageWire for final Q A.
  7. Launch in production environment.

In short

  • Translating web content for multiple locales is no walk in the park
  • Integration eliminates manual tasks and speeds up time-to-publish
  • LanguageWire offers connectors for leading digital platforms
  • For cases where we don’t offer a dedicated connector, there is API Integration
  • Client libraries for NET, Java and PHP
  • Implementation is made simple