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DS30 and LanguageWire team up to strengthen the translation process in record-breaking time

We’ve all experienced the hassle of managing hundreds of versions of graphical material in spreadsheets and complex indexing, handling translations in the nick of time due to deadlines or had pricing issues due to everchanging currencies. The DS30 tool was created to remove these burdens from professionals. The tool allows users such as project managers, graphic designers, and other professionals to edit, translate and create price lists, brochures and much more efficiently and visually.

DS30 and LanguageWire teamed up to strengthen the translation process. Translation within the platform became a reality, thereby making it possible for editors to create new language versions of the content in a highly efficient manner. The integration between LanguageWire and the DS30 system was done after a record-breaking 50 work hours - from a separate connector to an integrated solution.

"We found that using LanguageWire would be both practical and obvious."
Palle Jensen,
CEO, Software Engineer, DS30

The Challenge

The challenge emerged when a large Norwegian DS30 customer pointed out that they would like to streamline the process for translating content within the existing tool. This specific customer already used LanguageWire as their language service provider, and therefore the combination of these particular systems was a distinct possibility.


The Solution

DS30 wanted to enable translation capabilities within their platform for their customers. Explicitly enabling an editor to create a new language version of elements such as a price list, and quickly check if all words and sentences were available in the target language. In cases where some text in the target language is missing, the editor clicks merely “Send to LanguageWire,” and once a language expert has translated the content, it’s ready for use.


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