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Smart Editor

Easily validate or translate your content to achieve the best results with our industry-leading, AI-driven computer-aided translation (CAT) tool.

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See how you can create and validate multilingual content with ease

Validation made easier with on-screen, in-context previews

Smart Editor makes validation of translations easy for your subject matter experts by centralising and streamlining the entire process. Our language experts work together with your in-house validators in one intuitive space to keep your work transparent, efficient, and cost-effective.

Save time validating texts with a Translation Memory and Termbase that work together to save expert-validated texts for re-use and automatic validation in future projects.

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Improve translation quality with a real-time visual preview when validating texts. Edited segments are highlighted in a format-friendly preview to ensure translations are correct.

Enjoy reduced turnaround times when localising for embedded devices. Our custom-developed quality assurance ensures your texts fit inside any display at the pixel level.

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Stay on top of projects and deadlines with Smart Editor’s seamless integration with our platform. Keep track of translation jobs and communicate with your team to simplify multilingual content creation.

Optimised to improve language quality

Smart Editor’s translation environment leverages our AI technology’s closed feedback loop to rapidly improve the performance of your neural machine translation (NMT) engine. Your Translation Memory and Termbases help boost efficiency and greatly reduce costs over time.

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Supports communication needs across all channels

Smart Editor works in concert with our connectors to seamlessly handle translations across all your channels.

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Consistency for your brand’s voice

Translation Memory and Termbases ensure consistency in your language by recalling previously validated texts.

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Confidently deliver high-quality

Smart Editor’s 20+ built-in quality assurance checks ensure your content has zero errors.

Empower your internal translators with advanced post-editing

Reduce the complexity, time, and cost for your internal translators to create great multilingual content with a subscription to the powerful products and benefits our very own experts make use of. The combination of Smart Editor and our advanced AI technology can supercharge your team’s post-editing capabilities, for less.

Integrated Neural Machine Translation tailored to your needs

Smart Editor employs neural machine translation (NMT) engines tailored to the needs of your enterprise, in order to reduce the time and cost of human translation. 

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Your personal NMT generates industry-leading machine translations to minimise spend on manual translation.

Through repeated use your NMT learns your preferences and continuously improves quality over time.

Your data is entirely secure within our cloud-based data security infrastructure.

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LanguageWire has provided us with quality translations time and time again. Because of their fast turn-around time and quality of service, we have saved both time and cost in our translation process. LanguageWire understands what we are trying to achieve and work with us to get the translations we need and want.

Chris Ductan,
TE Connectivity


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