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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in LanguageWire

For us, CSR is about making a difference. Our goal is to contribute where we can make a difference – rather than spending our time creating reports and documentation. Our approach to CSR reflects the fact that we operate in the language industry, a sector not usually associated with negatively impacting the environment or human rights.

We focus our efforts on three areas: our people, our customers and our surroundings.

Our people

LanguageWire is a community where communication is open, informal and friendly. The fact that we respect each other personally and professionally promotes collaboration and a positive social environment. We want people to enjoy coming to work, and our regular employee engagement surveys show that we enjoy working together and are proud to work at LanguageWire.

A workforce made up of various cultures, genders, ages and languages provides valuable perspectives. This focus on diversity is essential for our creativity, agility, competitiveness and, as a result, success. We achieve this by fostering a supportive environment in which all individuals have the opportunity to realise their potential. Specifically, we track gender distribution within departments and at different levels of our organisation.

We support initiatives that promote a social and fun work environment by allocating money to our employee association PeopleWire. Additionally, we provide flexible working conditions and participate in a range of physical activities, such as running, yoga and cycling events. In our offices, we make sure that fruit is available and employees participate in communal breakfasts on Fridays.

Our customers

Our mission to provide a superior service to our customers is supported by our commitment to conduct business ethically and ensure that we comply with the laws and regulations that govern our business and industry. We are committed to adhering to all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. For example, we do not accept any form of bribery, including gifts, hospitality or entertainment that could raise concerns about our integrity.

Our surroundings

As a company, we care about the world we live in and strive to make a positive impact where we can.

We take an active part in Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) as a Mentor Company. MYOB is an NGO that creates an alternative learning space for boys living in socially disadvantaged residential areas. We contribute our time and knowledge to guide and assist boys in the creation of microenterprises.