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We want our staff to be proud of being part of the LanguageWire team and to enjoy coming to work every day.

As an ambitious and growing technology company, we offer a stimulating environment and opportunities for professional growth. We also aim to attract and retain the best employees, which is why we invest to ensure that LanguageWire is an attractive workplace.

LanguageWire vacancies

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What's it like to work at LanguageWire?

LanguageWire is a community where communication is open, informal and friendly. The fact that we respect each other personally and professionally promotes collaboration and a positive social environment. We want people to enjoy coming to work, and our employee engagement surveys show that we enjoy working together and are proud to work at LanguageWire.

We are performance driven. Our ambitious mindset rewards those who perform and are willing to go the extra mile. We regularly celebrate success, and giving and receiving praise and recognition is a natural part of our corporate culture. Being an innovative brand, our entire team is enthusiastic about change and aiding the development of LanguageWire.

LanguageWire offers a dynamic environment, and the journey from idea to implementation is a short one. We have created a culture where team members have an important say in LanguageWire’s continued growth and development.