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Google Translate – friend or foe?

Drew Davis

Author: Drew Davis
Content Marketer, LanguageWire

A person staring at two computer screens, one with Google Translate and the other with LanguageWire Translate

Google translate is fast & convenient but offers no enterprise-grade functionalities for security or scalability.

You might assume that everyone in the language service industry thinks that Google Translate is our enemy. Perhaps some do, and maybe even a few for good reason. Google Translate’s reported 500 million users translate 100 billion words every day, which makes it easily the most frequented translation tool for the average consumer. At LanguageWire however, we are more concerned with the success of our business customers in business, and don’t consider Google Translate a competitor for reasons that we will explore below.

As you probably already know, Google Translate is an easy-to-use instant translation tool that offers translations in any of its 109 available languages, ranging from the impressive to the comical. There’s no denying its advantages and we think you should make use of them. Conversely, however, Google Translate also has some obvious disadvantages and we want you to be aware of these as well. As is always the case, it’s an excellent idea to know friend from foe – not to mention your options.

In this guide, we walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of Google Translate, as well as our recommendations for how you can make the most of it what it does well.


  • Google Translate is free.
  • Google Translate is available 24/7 through web browser or dedicated iOS & Android applications.
  • Google Translate is fast and provides you with an instant translation for 109 languages.
  • Google Translate bases its logic on human translation. The logic is not rule-based and the translation is formed from already translated texts online. The machine is continuously evolving over time to become more accurate and useful.


  • Google Translate offers no security or confidentiality for your data. Everything translated through Google Translate is stored and analysed by Google in accordance with their terms of service.
  • Google Translate offers only a ”rough” translation. Your instant translation is based on a scan of related documents, website, etc. from which the programme generates a suggested translation. Oftentimes this is the cause of missing, incorrect, or poor Google Translate results.
  • Google Translate offers no form of quality control or adaption of the text to specific jargon, layout, industry, or market. Basically, you can never be sure that the material the machine spits out is correct.

We recommend:

  • Use Google Translate if you need help quickly getting some general text comprehension.
  • Use Google Translate if you need casual help writing to friends, family, or acquaintances in their native language without fear of sounding silly.
  • DO NOT use Google Translate to translate sensitive information or in any situation where your content is potentially confidential.
  • DO NOT use Google Translate when you need to be sure you are communicating correctly in your target language.

A professional alternative:

Should you — or your business — require a secure alternative to Google Translate, a professional instant translation tool with a compliment of scalable solutions designed to meet your needs, LanguageWire Translate has you covered.

  • LanguageWire Translate has enhanced AI capabilities that support your instant translations with an understanding of your business, resulting in high-quality, brand-aligned multilingual content.
  • LanguageWire Translate protects your sensitive information within our enterprise-grade, cloud-based security infrastructure.
  • LanguageWire Translate lets you drag-and-drop entire documents for instant translation of your materials in their original format.

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