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Volkswagen On Collaborating with Language Experts to Provide High-Quality Translations of Product Manuals in New Languages

Volkswagen is a renowned global automotive manufacturer with a strong presence in various markets worldwide. As a leading brand, Volkswagen prioritizes providing comprehensive support to its customers, including clear and user-friendly car user manuals.  

LanguageWire has helped Volkswagen meet the evolving needs and maintain exceptional quality standards of their product manuals for a number of years, as LanguageWire’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with Volkswagen's dedication to providing accurate and reliable information to its drivers.

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Challenge: Creating Car User Manuals in Catalan  

When expanding their market reach to new regions or language communities, Volkswagen encountered the challenge of creating user manuals in the local language of the target audience.  

The importance of user manuals cannot be overstated, as they serve as a vital resource for Volkswagen drivers. An essential element in delivering a seamless user experience is the availability of accurate and localized user manuals, which enhances driver confidence and satisfaction.

In this case, the focus was on offering car user manuals in Catalan, a language spoken by millions of people in Catalonia, Spain, and other regions.

Given their history of successful collaboration, LanguageWire was the obvious choice for Volkswagen to entrust with this project. As long-standing partners, LanguageWire has been instrumental in assisting Volkswagen with manual translations in numerous other languages throughout the years.

The result: Leveraging Language Experts Who Understand Your Business  

The collaboration between Volkswagen and LanguageWire yielded great results, with the successful achievement of high-quality translations for Volkswagen's car user manuals in Catalan.

Volkswagen's cooperation with the LanguageWire team demonstrates the value of partnering with language experts who have a deep understanding of a company's specific needs and industry requirements. By leveraging the expertise of LanguageWire, Volkswagen successfully extended its language offerings.

Through their close partnership, Volkswagen and LanguageWire ensured that the translated content accurately reflected the technical details and essence of the original manuals. The localized translations provided Volkswagen drivers in Catalonia with an enhanced user experience.

This level of attention to detail and commitment to providing localized content fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among the customers, reinforcing Volkswagen's reputation as a customer-centric brand. 

Volkswagen's experience highlights the significance of working with language service providers who not only possess strong linguistic capabilities but also grasp the nuances of a company's business, terminology, and brand identity. By embracing such collaborations, companies can effectively bridge language gaps, provide exceptional customer experiences, and strengthen their global presence. 

Solution: Delivering High-Quality Catalan Translations to Support Drivers

Volkswagen recognised the LanguageWire team's proficiency and entrusted them with the task. The seamless coordination between Volkswagen and LanguageWire ensured that the new language translation met the same high standards as previous projects, reinforcing the strength and reliability of the partnership.

The collaboration involved aligning the LanguageWire team closely with Volkswagen's product and project managers, as well as their dedicated terminology experts, discussing project details, and establishing a dedicated communication channel.

The translators then skillfully captured the essence and technical details of the manuals. While the Spanish style guide served as a reference, the translators paid careful attention to linguistic nuances and differences between the two languages. This meticulous approach ensured that the translated content adhered to Volkswagen's desired tone, terminology, and style in Catalan.

Close cooperation with Volkswagen's IT department ensured secure system access for LanguageWire, facilitating seamless integration. This collaborative effort produced efficient and reliable outcomes for the translation project.

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