Live Translation

Have 100 words translated in 30 minutes with LanguageWire’s live translation service. Your text is translated at light-speed by a professional translator while also retaining high quality standards.


Send your short text for translation and have it back in new languages within 30 minutes.


Simply log in to LanguageWire and type your content directly in the live translation text editor.

About live translation

Need something translated in a hurry? Live Translation is the ideal solution if you need a short text quickly translated into the most widely spoken languages in the world. Our network of over 5,000 professional translators is ready to react when you place an order in LanguageWire for this light-speed service.

100 words translated in 30 minutes

The express service is especially made for when machine translation doesn’t meet the required quality standards but speed is vital. It might be an urgent company-wide e-mail that needs to be sent out to multiple locales, a new product for your online shop that needs a product description in three languages pronto, social media content or some last-minute changes to a newsletter. Live translation is your go to service in these situations. Just type in your text (up to 100 words) when logged into LanguageWire and you’ll receive it back within 30 minutes or less.

Our native translators will deliver a professional job that gets your message across as intended.

If the stars don’t align and no experts are available to complete your job within the requested timeframe, we’ll let you know right away. If we cannot deliver within 30 minutes, we’ll commit to delivering your translation by 12.00 CET the next working day. No constant pushing back of the deadlines by 30 minutes; no keeping you guessing when you’ll receive it.

In short

  • 100 words translated in 30 minutes
  • All major European languages covered
  • Native, professional translators
Live Translation


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