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Project Templates

Save recurring projects for later use. You’ll avoid the need to rewrite briefs, add reference material, enter target languages and define work areas every time you start a project.

Increase productivity

Have your most common projects ready to go so you can kick off your project asap.

Avoid errors

Reduce the chance of making a mistake in your brief or reference material.

In general, the more time you take to set up a project, the better the results. The same is true when creating multilingual content. It’s important to provide relevant reference material and a clear briefing when ordering language services via LanguageWire. But this can take a lot of time, so why not save your most common projects for later use?

That’s exactly what Project Templates are for. You can save and reuse any projects you create, saving you time and reducing the possibility of manual mistakes. Whether you use a Standard Workflow, a Custom Workflow or create your project via the Project Guide; you’ll be given the opportunity to turn your project into a Project Template.

Ordering the same newsletter translation in the same languages every month? Skip rewriting your amazing brief, searching for reference material, entering target languages and defining work areas. It’s as simple as that.

Get in touch with the LanguageWire team today to talk about your specific content needs. We’ll find the perfect solution to you.

In short

  • Save recurring projects for later use.
  • Templates can be created for any project you create in LanguageWire.
  • Skip rewriting briefs, adding reference material and defining target languages.
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