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Success Stories of Global Content Makers

Michael Bosson

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Success Stories of Global Content Makers

Global Content Makers: Native Instruments.

Today, it’s not a question of if it makes sense to translate content to reach a broader audience. The question is: how do I communicate with a global audience?

We know the global content journey is a difficult one. Many organisations feel overwhelmed by the efforts needed to create a global experience that is adapted to local markets. According to Common Sense Advisory, "Global customer experience (CX) involves so much more than translation – it’s about tightly integrating the appropriate multilingual content streams from across all silos."

Creating content in multiple languages is something that our customers achieve year-in-year-out. So, I went out and interviewed them to hear how they have overcome the complexity of going global.

The result is our Global Content Makers video series. Dive in to find out more about the first four brands and see how they have overcome their global content challenges.

Native Instruments

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for computer-based audio production and DJing. Their products open up a world of possibilities for music producers.

But marketing their products requires special consideration. According to Michael Sohn, Team Leader of Digital Content, “We’re not selling socks, we’re selling quite complex products.”

I visited their headquarters in the heart of Berlin’s creative scene to find out how they handle content production for a discerning crowd of DJs, part-time beatmakers, talented producers, and global music sensations. What I discovered was a hub of inspiring people in an energising space that encapsulates the Native Instruments brand. 

They use LanguageWire’s TYPO3 Connector to streamline the translation of digital content. It’s a smart way to get content translated via their CMS without having to worry about coordination with multiple language experts and quality assurance via email.


As a developer of integrated e-commerce solutions and CMS-based websites, Kraftvaerk helps businesses grow with customised IT solutions. With a focus on business development, Kraftvaerk understands processes need to be as simple as possible, ensuring teams have time for the important stuff.

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Kraftvaerk is a thriving IT development company with a diverse team of highly skilled people. Their slogan is “know how to develop”, and that’s precisely the feeling you get when you step into their headquarters.

Watch the video below to find out what Malene Rolsted, Marketing Consultant at Kraftvaerk, has to say about their content creation process.


Strömsholmen, parent company of KALLER, is the world’s leading manufacturer of gas springs and gas hydraulic systems. Nestled in the heart of central Sweden, Strömsholmen is a company that takes care of its employees, and is an important part of the local town Tranås.

To create the best customer experience globally, Strömsholmen has put a lot of focus on having consistent quality across all content in every language. Their customers require technical information to be available in the right language without error.

They have achieved this need for efficient precision by creating multilingual content using LanguageWire’s integration solutions for Episerver and InRiver. The PIM and CMS connectors streamline workflows. And by using LanguageWire for all of their multilingual content needs, they benefit from the advantages of Translation Memories, Termbases, and a consistent team of preferred suppliers who understand their brand inside out.


My colleague in London, Kimberly Stephens, visited LanguageWire customer Aggreko, a global leader in temporary power, heating and cooling.

Aggreko’s London office is situated in Westminster, an iconic location for a company with 204 locations worldwide. Visiting their offices, it was obvious to see their commitment to providing expertise and equipment to customers around the globe. From their inspiring office design to their eager team, it’s clear that they are living up to their brand mantra “using our big boxes to make a massive difference.”

Dan Betts, Global Content Editor at Aggreko, talks about the importance of delivering content across regions, with no issues, and on time. Watch their video to find out how Aggreko uses LanguageWire’s Sitecore Connector to optimise their content workflows.

Stay tuned for more

The global content journey is tricky, but backed by the right technology and expertise, these brands have adapted well to digital transformation and create high-quality content for global markets. Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our global content makers page for more success stories.

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