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Multilingual DTP

Experienced multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) experts are perfect for ensuring that visually rich print or digital documents maintain page layout and typographical integrity no matter what the language.

Increase productivity

Create your visually rich, multilingual content with an automated workflow.

Improve quality and impact

Collaborate with language experts from around the globe and work with industry leading tools.

Reach more people

Create compelling content that engages local audiences.

About multilingual DTP

For your visually rich multilingual content to truly shine, it’s important not to neglect the impact language has on page layout and typography. Because even when the words are perfect, the smallest slip in how they appear can ruin the message.

This is why desktop publishing, or DTP, can be just as important as copywriting, translation and proofreading. DTP is vital when creating eye-catching and informative visual content for print or digital channels. It involves layouting – defining what goes where – and typesetting – defining how it looks on the page.

Experts achieve high quality results by using software built specifically for DTP, including the ever present Adobe tools of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, but also Quark Xpress and Microsoft Publisher among others.

Why you need experts for multilingual DTP

DTP becomes more complex when creating content for multiple locales and languages. This is for a number of reasons, amongst which are:

  • Text expansion – Translated texts expand and contract depending on the source or target language. For example, a text in German will end up longer than the same text in English and it's difficult to split up words in Finnish because of the large number of consonants.
  • Text direction – Some languages are written from right to left ('RTL' languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic), so images and other media would need to be reversed in order to be accurate.
  • Text parsing – Some languages have specific rules concerning how words are placed on a page. For example, many Slavic languages (e.g., Polish) do not allow single-letter words at the end of a line of text.

A global network of experts

When working in the LanguageWire Collaboration Platform, you have access to a large network of DTP experts who are ready to work on your eBook, flyer, brochure, newsletter, magazine or website content in any language. We also offer an InDesign Collaboration Tool that dramatically speeds up in-house review and approval of InDesign files. This cloud-based software lets you check and collaborate on InDesign files in your browser, without the need to have InDesign installed or getting a graphic design involved.

In short

  • Localise visually rich content with an automated workflow
  • Correct page layout and typography in all languages
  • Account for text expansion, text direction and text parsing
  • You can also validate documents internally in WeAllEdit
Multilingual DTP