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Termbase Management

Experts build your Termbase based on existing documentation or modify and streamline existing Termbases to Improve the quality and consistency of your communication across all languages.

Greater consistency

Improve quality through consistent usage of terms in your multilingual content.

Shorter time-to-market

Language experts instantly see the words you want to use in your communication.

About termbase management

A Termbase (a contraction of terminology database) is a core tool that improves the quality of multilingual content by ensuring terminology consistency. It’s an essential part of long-term translation strategy that not only makes sure approved terms are always on hand when creating multilingual content, but also saves time for translators and validators (in-house reviewers).

Your Termbase is more than a glossary or lists of words in different languages. Their true value appears when they are reinforced with definitions or extra context. Where did the term come from? Who approved this term, and when? Are there any times where this term should not be used in translation? These are questions that require an easy to access database of concept-orientated terminology, and is exactly what the LanguageWire Termbase provides.

Termbase creation

If you don’t already have a Termbase, our experts can help build you one. Our terminologists extract (or 'mine') words from your existing documentation. They then translate these terms into the languages you specify, ensuring at every stage that your in-house team has the opportunity to approve them.

Termbase import

On the other hand, you may already have a Termbase that you would like LanguageWire’s language experts to use. Our team of engineers upload it to LanguageWire so that translators and other language experts have immediate access to your terminology when working in the online Smart Editor or with offline packages.

Additional Termbase services

Other Termbase services include: expansion, which involves adding of new terms to an existing Termbase in one or more languages; cleaning, as a Termbase is only as good as the quality of the terms it contains; and the translation of existing terms into new languages.

In short

  • Your ‘terminology database’
  • Lists of words in different languages
  • Shows approval status, date added, notes and more
  • Termbase management services include creation, expansion and cleaning
Termbase Management