Be found
your business

Set people on the right track
... and be found

Nobody knows you have the world's best website until they read it.
Nobody reads it until they find it.
Nobody finds it until they see it on Google.

Not just found in 1 language, but more than 175 languages.

The right words
make all the difference

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is concerned with pushing your website forward to make it one of the first search results when specific search words are searched for in Google. This is partly done by making sure the text contains the right words with the right frequency. In all languages.

SEO in local languages
sends more customers
to your shop

When we translate your SEO text, we always check alternative translations of key words and phrases and compare them with the search frequency and the search words used by your competitors. This enables us to find the exact words that get the most clicks. And clicks create results, helping to generate optimal traffic to your website from both potential and existing customers.

Did you know?
You can save 20 minutes per web page per language

That's a lot of minutes and a lot of money over a whole year

CMS integration
when it’s turbo time

Language Wire API allows you to manage your translations directly from your own CMS. For example, with just one simple click you can send your texts for translation from inside the system. The translations will be automatically delivered here too, so it's easy for you to approve them before they're published.

Always hit

the bull's-eye

The first time we work together, you'll automatically be allocated your own specific project manager. The project manager's role is not just to manage your jobs and pair you up with the right translator, but also to get to know you and your company so well that we hit the bull's-eye in terms of style, tone and terminology. Every single time.

Now, now, now!

Do you have any material that needs translating, proofreading or editing now? 
Then send it our way ... we're already waiting to help you.

150+ M
Words translated
every year

Business customers

Industry specialist

Fact: over 70% of your customers (very possibly) don't understand you

And this means bad business.
Why, you might be asking.

Download e-book and learn right away
why translation makes such good sense.

We make a difference

Søren Skjelbo
“In an international company like ours, it is crucial to communicate properly and in the local language for each market. LanguageWire has helped us communicate across our diverse platforms and always delivers a high quality product on time. The level of service is excellent and our designated contact person ensures help is always at hand.”

We optimise
your processes
your bottom line

Most translation agencies know something about words. And of course we do too. But we also know a whole lot about processes and how to optimise them. Which saves you time. Lots of it! In fact, so much so that you'll be able to see the impact on the bottom line.

That's why we can translate your texts quickly, accurately, and with proven quality.

Ready to work with translation in a new way?