Webinar: Tackling the top marketing challenges of today

Modern CMOs are facing a wave of new challenges which require expert navigation. See the recorded webinar to find out what today’s big marketing challenges are and how you can ensure a successful future for your business.

Where next, CMO?

Part of your role as CMO is to take charge of customer journeys leading to best-fit conversions. And you know that achieving this, as well as your growth targets, is no small task.

You’ll aim to provide the right content, at the right time, in the right language, to the right person. But maintaining a continuous digital presence, shorter time-to-market, tracking technology trends and showing ROMI naturally puts strains on resources and deadlines.

See the recorded webinar

How do you solve these overwhelming challenges and adjust your current approach? See the recorded webinar, where we:

  • Discuss recent developments you need to navigate for marketing success.
  • Offer practical solutions for how to approach a number of these challenges.

Jens Harsaae

Jens Harsaae, ChairmanJens Harsaae spent ten years with Procter & Gamble as a Brand Manager and Marketing Director, and ten years with the Boston Consulting Group as a partner/managing director and global topic leader for “Marketing”.

Today, Jens is a non-executive director and a frequent speaker on the role of boards in leading digital transformation. He is the co-author of several BCG reports on marketing effectiveness, and blogs on digital transformation.