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This is where you’ll find the information you need before starting to work with us. You should also read our Guidelines below. You’ll find those in your Profile as well. Log in, click “Profile”, your name, then scroll down to “Job types”, and “Guidelines”. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start working for us. Great to have you on board!

All content marked * is required reading.

Guidelines *

Supplier and Invoicing agreement

LanguageWire's Supplier and Invoicing Agreement. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines Translation

LanguageWire guidelines for carrying out translation assignments. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines TM Programs CAT tools

LanguageWire guidelines for selecting and using TM programs and CAT tools. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines memoQ

LanguageWire guidelines for configuring memoQ. Download

SDL Trados Studio 2009 Default Settings files

Default settings files for SDL Trados Studio 2009. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines General Terms

General terms for everyone who acts as a supplier to LanguageWire. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines Proofreading

LanguageWire guidelines for carrying out proofreading assignments. Download

LanguageWire Guidelines SDL Trados Studio

LanguageWire guidelines for SDL Trados Studio projects. Download

memoQ Default Settings files

Compressed folder containing files for memoQ default settings. Download

SDL Trados Studio 2011-2017 Default Settings files

Default settings files for SDL Trados Studio 2011-2017. Download

User guides *

Quoting on job

Quoting on a job. Download

Updating your profile

Updating your profile in the system. Download

Indicating your unavailability 

Making an entry in the calendar. Download

Agito TermBase user guide

A description of how to use the Termbase in our system. Download

LIVE Translation

User guide for the LIVE Translation service. Download

Finishing a job

Finishing a job and uploading a project package or target files, tmx and terms. Download

Sending a message

Sending a message. Download

Payment information

Payment procedure. Download

Style guides *

LanguageWire Style Guide UK English

Rules and preferences for translating into UK English. Download

LanguageWire Style Guide US English

Rules and preferences for translating into US English. Download

CAT tool guides

Smart Editor User Guide for Translation and Post-Editing Jobs

LanguageWire user guide for translation and post-editing jobs in Smart Editor. Download 

Agito TermBase user guide

LanguageWire user guide for using TermBase in Agito. Download

Smart Editor User Guide for Proofreading Jobs

LanguageWire user guide for proofreading jobs in Smart Editor. Download

Smart Editor FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Smart Editor. Download

Agito TermBase Use and Do not use terms

A short guide to 'dos' and 'don'ts' of working with LanguageWire's termbases. Download

Smart Editor for translators

Agito Translate Intro

Agito Translate API Jobs

memoQ Adding LW Template

Project packages in SDL Trados Studio

SDLStudio Adding LW Template