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CAT tool information for your tmx imports and exports

CAT tool information for your tmx imports and exports

1) Import of file type settings and tmx file

You should always

  1. Use the default file type settings files / project templates that are part of the “offline package” that you download from the job page in AGITO. If a client / project requires different file type settings, the LanguageWire engineers will provide an adapted settings file / project template that the project manager uploads under “project reference files” or permanently under “company reference material”. The project manager will usually write a note stating this in the “general company briefing”.
  2. Use the latest TM export (tmx file), that is also part of the offline package, and import it into an EMPTY TM, not into an old TM that you have saved on your PC from previous jobs.

The second point is highly important, because only then will the import mechanism of our TM server work as intended and import only the new and changed translation units and merge them into the master TM on the server. If you are doing several small jobs from the same company within one day, you can import the tmx files from the jobs into the same TM that you started in the morning. If you have any doubts, ask your project manager.

2) Export of updated tmx files

  • You should deliver an updated tmx file on every job.
  • You should export only new and updated translation units to a tmx file. This can be done with a third-party app from the SDL open exchange app store:

Note: If you export the entire TM, this is also fine. Our TM server will recognise the new and updated units and just import those. But exporting/importing only the relevant units makes life easier both for you and for our server.

3) Job-specific tmx files

  • This is a great feature. On companies with big TMs, the project manager can prepare a job specific tmx file for you that only contains the TM matches for this specific job. It will be much smaller and faster to import/export in your CAT tool.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will forward your question to one of our experts.

Best regards