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Smart editor updates

We have a few updates that we’d like to share with you. Many of you have given us valuable feedback on Smart Editor, so we based most of these updates on input from you.

Smart Editor

1. “Save segment and jump to the next unfinished segment” – shortcut: Ctrl + Enter

Save and jump
  • a. Encourage translators to use “Ctrl + Enter” to finish segments, both when doing translation and when doing post-editing.
    • In Translation mode, “Ctrl + Enter” saves the segment and saves to the TM – and then moves to the next unfinished segment.
    • In Post-editing mode, “Ctrl + Enter” only saves the segment. It does not save to the TM – and then moves to the next unfinished segment.

2. Unapproved terms now handled:

Unapproved terms
Unapproved terms

4. Quotation marks:

Quotation marks

5. More shortcuts:

More shortcuts
More shortcuts
More shortcuts

Smart Editor – expected by the beginning of January 2018.

6. Ability to mark segments in proofreading and validation modes.

7. Highlight matches in concordance search results.

8. Simple QA checks as in Agito Translate:

  • a. Capitalized text (abbreviation) in source segment but missing in target
  • b. One of characters : . , ? ! : ; - — ( ) [ ] { } < > ’ “ ” / \ @ * is available in source but missing in target segment
  • c. Target segment is the same as source
  • d. Target segment is empty

9. Term usage summary – in particular useful after the translator has gone offline and imported a return package.