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Omnichannel Marketing

Even if you are not currently practising it, you've probably heard of it numerous times: omnichannel marketing

But what does the term really mean? And why all the buzz?

Be prepared to gain valuable insights on the topic through a series of four articles. Going directly to the source, these articles were written in cooperation with an expert in the field, Rasmus Houlind, author of the book "Make it all about me, and I'll buy it!".

Omnichannel Marketing Make it All about Me

Psst! The book has just come out in an English version. We know this, because it was one of LanguageWire's translators who had the honour of translating it. Read more about it here.

Our aim with these articles is to:

  1. Let you know what omnichannel is all about, what it requires and what you need to do to succeed, both locally and globally
  2. On the other hand, we'll reassure you that you are already completely up to date in the field

Here is everything you can look forward to:

Happy reading!